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More Houses

We’re so busy drawing that we often forget to take photos of our work. So this section shows images of various projects we have worked on. From left to right, top to bottom we have:

  1. The outside of a house in Dunsborough, WA. The house sat on a hill overlooking a vineyard with the sea beyond. The location of the house was on a hill and it was subject to prevailing winds so we chose to plan the building in a U shape to allow a good level of shelter whilst enjoying the view. The house was built from in-situ concrete with coreten steel.
  2. The master bedroom of the Dunsborough house. Full height glazing allows beautiful views out. The floor is black concrete.
  3. A house in Caulfield. This house was built for a developer to be sold on completion. The front wall is raised off the ground to give an effect of lightness to the house and timber screening on the upper floor seeks to reduce the mass of the building. It sold well and the developers went on to build 4 similar houses over the next couple of years.
  4. One of seven villas in Phuket. I was the project architect for this work while working for a company in Singapore. The villasĀ are a modern, minimal take on Thai architecture.
  5. Pod House. We prepared a number of houses for the company InForm. This proposal was for use on sloping sites. Our experience working with these developers helped us understand how to design in a way that is both elegant and cost effective.
  6. A cardboard model of the Dunsborough house. We love making models when we can.
  7. A house extension in St Kilda. We added an extension to a two storey brick Victorian house in St Kilda. The new lower floor continues the use of white painted brickwork to tie the old and the new together. The upper floor is made up of a wall with a series of green panels designed to be an abstraction of foliage. This helped to reduce the two storey mass on the boundary and worked well with neighbouring trees. The rear is a two storey volume that soaks in morning light.
  8. A competition for school portables. This was a beautiful project where a series of triangular panels could be joined in different ways to produce floors, walls and ceiling in different configurations depending on the use of the classroom.
  9. A competition entry for the Venice Biennial. This should have won and been built.